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Amazing Choco Barley Powdered Drink




Amazing Choco Barley Powdered Drink is packed with vitamins, nutrients, and minerals and gives the energy boost that kids needed. This will definitely what the kids will most enjoy and love to drink.

Barley Grass is the 21st-century superfood that provides every nutrient necessary for survival, including proteins, all 8 essential amino acids, highly alkalizing minerals, and a whole range of vitamins. It is an easy path to loading up on youth-enhancing muscle building and immune-strengthening ingredients.

Barley grass refers to the leaf of the Barley plant and it has greater nutritional value when harvested at a young age.




Enjoy our Amazing Choco Barley Drink any time of the day by pouring to 160ml to 180ml of hot (not boiling) or cold water. Stir for 30 seconds until all contents are dissolved.


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